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The elegance of refined luxury

Thanks to a heritage that is deeply rooted in time and in a territory where the history of Italian jewelry was born, Marco Bicego has coined a unique and unmistakable style: the elegance of refined luxury that follows women through their everyday life.

Each Marco Bicego jewel is a Made in Italy icon that springs from a different inspiration, may it be the precious gemstones or the nature. Beautiful on their own, they can be mixed and matched so that every woman can create her personal style and wear them in every moment of the day, from an informal meeting to an exclusive evening.

The beauty of each individual stone

All the jewels are created in the Trissino headquarters, in the province of Vicenza; they are made of 18 Karat gold and are fitted with carefully selected gemstones which are cut to best interpret the beauty of each individual stone. All jewels are hand-crafted with traditional goldsmithing techniques, such as the ‘Bulino’ engraving and the distinctive coil twisting, making each creation a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, like the woman who wears it.

Kurz - Marco Bicego


Lunaria Petali Collection

Charming golden flowers reinterpret the Lunaria Collection, giving a romantic and naïf twist to the jewels. The petals, obtained from thin golden leaves hand-engraved with the traditional Bulino technique and enclosed by a contrasting strand of polished gold, create trenchant corollas that open up to reveal a core made of gold or diamonds.


Masai Collection

With Masai, Marco Bicego presents an iconic collection, designed with architectural lines that are never rigid, and talks about a determined yet delicate, strong yet welcoming woman. Inspired by the art and tradition of the proud and legendary people, the collection speaks about a classic style that chases its future.


Africa Gemstone Collection

This collection is inspired by the pleasure of discovering unexplored and authentic landscapes typical of a territory full of contrasts and colors. Africa Gemstone bracelets, necklaces and earrings are conceived for women who turn each trip into a journey of discovery.


Jaipur Collection

Jaipur is the celebration of gemstones and their magnificent, powerful lights and colors. The collection, inspired by the legendary city, revolves around the gems. Every raw stone holds an inner secret, that reveals itself to the expert eye and shows the path to interpreting its full potential of hues and shades. The golden, hand- engraved frames are meant to embrace their colors.